May I know if Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish is suitable for dry nails?

Yes, It is suitable as it consist of Argan Oil, Castor Oil and Vintamin E. Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish will assist to moisturise your nails and make your nails look healthy.

Is Cunncantikk Nail Polish/Remover halal?

Yes! As approved by KKM, our nail polish was tested with water permeability and conforms to be wudhu and prayer friendly. They are made from 100% halal ingredients.

What are the benefits of Cunncantikk Nail Polish?

The polishes are enriched with Olive Oil, Castor Oil and Vitamin E. Thus, promoting nail treatment, improve blood circulation, moisturised and healthy nails.

How long can Cunncantikk Nail Polish last on my nails?

Cunncantikk Nail Polish can last up to 10 days, depending on the way your nails were taken care of. Avoid extreme heat/cold or rough movement to prevent the surface polish to be smeared or peeled-off.

Where can i find the expiry date of Cunncantikk Nail Polish?

Expiry within 36 months once the cap is opened.

Is there any problem with mixing colours of Cunncantikk Nail Polish onto my nails?

Absolutely no problem. However, please ensure each application is sufficiently dried before applying the next coat.

I have dry skin/rashes, can i put on Cunncantikk Nail Polish?

Cunncantikk Nail Polish so far have yet to cause any skin problem or reaction to any user however, should you in doubt, please consult skin specialist prior to using our product to ensure that it is safe for use.

How do I remove Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish?

You may remove with "Cunncantikk Take It All Off Remover" or any polish remover from drugstore.

Will Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish chip or peel-off?

As Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish has an exclusive formula, water permeable, breathable (oxygen able to penetrate to our nails) and wudhu friendly, you will notice some peel off after using it for 8 - 10 days.

Is Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish suitable for Muslimah?

Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish utilises a special formula that allows oxygen and water to pass through the surface of the polish to reach your beautiful nails keeping them hydrated and strong against chipping or breakage. That's where breathable nail polish can really work its magic by creating beautiful long-lasting manicures without damaging your nails.

How to apply Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish ?

Place the brush close to the cuticle and push it up to the cuticle line, leaving a gap which is only the width of a hair. And then drag the brush towards the free edge. Spread the polish to the sides and ensure that the brush will not touch the skin.

Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish can use for prayer?

That's right, Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish is also labeled as "Permeable". Our water permeable formula allows water penetration on a molecular level. And because of the breathability and water permeability of our nail polishes. Its meaning is valid to bring ablution and prayer.

Does Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish emit strong smell?

Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish does not produce any chemical like smell instead, smell like chocolate, yummy! You will love it.

Can i eat with my hands if I have put on Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish? Will the color change / fade?

Sure, it's okay to eat with your hands. The color will maintain and will not fade.

Does Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish feels heavy when applied?

No. You will feel lightweight when you have applied Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish. It is light as if you did not apply anything on your nails.

Is Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish suitable for children / teenagers? Can I damage my nails if I use them?

Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish contain vitamins hence, it is suitable for children or teenager. InshaAllah, it is harmless.

Why is Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish pricier than other brand?

Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish uses special organic ingredients and formula that allows oxygen and water vapor to pass through the surface of the polish to reach your nails. It's important to keep your nails hydrated in order for them to maintain their strength and health

I have dry and brittle nails. Is Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish suitable? Does it gets worse on my nails?

No, don't worry. Cunncantikk Breathable Nail Polish contains vitamins and it is great for nail problems such as broken, brittle, dry, dull nails and more.


How do i order Cunncantikk Breathable nail polish/remover?

Ordering is easy as 1,2 & 3. First you scroll through which item you would like to purchase. Add item(s) to cart. Click checkout then, add your address for first time online buyer and proceed with payment. Easy isn't it?

What is the currency shown?

All price shown are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

Can i put to cart multiple items?

Yes you can. All item will be consolidated into one invoice upon checkout.

Where do i input my address?

Upon check-out, unless you're a 2nd-time buyer, you are required to input your shipping address. Sign up with us so you can put multiple address and choose upon check-out. (Example Home, Office, Parents Home)

Why is my cart empty?

Empty because you have yet to add anything. Nevertheless, you can try to close and restart your browser to ensure that its working well.

Why can't i add items onto cart?

Its probably time-out. Please clear your browser's cache and restart your browser. Sign in to your Cunncantikk member account and try adding item to cart.

Is the payment method safe?

This payment method is safe and used on many ecommerce website. However, if in doubt, you may contact us to arrange for other payment method. (PayNow)


How long does it take to ship Cunncantikk Nail Polish?

Upon order confirmation, Cunncantikk Singapore will take approximately 1-working day to ship out your order. Tracking no. will be forwarded to your email once packaging is collected by courier.

How long is the shipment?

Depending on the courier, shipment will take between 3-5 working days to arrive.

Ninja Van (1- 4 working days)
Q Express (1-2 working days)

Please use the tracking no. provided to track your shipment.

It's been 4days and i have yet to receive my shipment.

Please contact us using Live chat below during office hours or you can email us at and we will response soonest possible.

What happens when i don't receive my shipment?

Please check your tracking information to ensure correct address was given and if there were progress on your shipment. Alternatively, you can contact us through Live Chat below or email us at

Can i self-collect?

Unfortunately, self-collection is not available at the moment.

No one will be at home most of the time, can the parcel be delivered to other address?

You can leave instruction for courier during check-out to leave the parcel in shoe rack or dry-riser however, we will take no responsibility on loss or damaged parcel should you require courier to place the parcel other then to direct receiver.
Otherwise, please select and/or input new address during check-out. (example-Office)

I registered with the wrong address, can i make changes?

If check-out process is incomplete, you may still add new address. If check-out is completed, you have up to 1-hr grace period to inform us through Live chat or Email at of the address change.

No changes of address is allowed after the grace period and Cunncantikk Singapore takes no responsibility on loss or damaged parcel.

Return / Refund

Can i return since i have not opened the packaging?

Special arrangement can be made on unopened package. Please contact us through Live Chat or email us at

I received the wrong colour, can i exchange?

Please check your invoice to ensure correct items was selected and added to cart. If wrong items was received, please contact us through Live Chat or email us at

I received the right colour, can i exchange?

All sales are final and non-exchangeable. Please contact us through Live Chat or email us at

I have not received my shipment, can i get a refund?

All sales are non-refundable. Please check your tracking information to ensure that the shipment has complete or if shipment duration exceeded the stipulated time, please contact through Live Chat or email us at

Will my refund be in full amount?

Please contact us through Live Chat or email us at

I don't need half of my order, can i get a refund?

All sales are final, non-refundable and non-exchageable.

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