About Us

Originated from Malaysia, Cunncantikk offers a carefully, passionately curated line of 8 perfect

colours for your nails - chic,

contemporary, sophisticated, elegant,

confidence-inducing colours. Breathable Halal Nail Polish formulated to protect your nails health and empower you - as an essential finishing touch to your look


More than just a nail polish

You can enjoy a charming experience

at Cunncantikk with water-permeable

nail polishes made from 100% halal

ingredients. The polishes are enriched

with Olive Oil, Castor Oil and Vitamin E

which promote nail health.

About our Breathable Halal Nail Polish

Cunncantikk's nail polish utilizes a special formula that allows oxygen and water

vapor to pass through the surface of the polish to reach your nails.

It's important to keep your nails hydrated in order for them to maintain their strength and health.

Our nail polishes have a juicy glossy finish with quick drying consistency during application.

You can easily take it off with any nail polish remover.