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We are back again on Cunncantikk's Singapore Blog. Today, i would like share what is Cunncantikk made of. As i have said in earlier blog, our Breathable Halal Nail Polish founder is in Malaysia. In our company structure, we have few levels of appointment. To begin with, We have HQ which is in Terengganu, Malaysia. Then, Master Stockist, Stockist, Agent and Dropshipper all around Malaysia & Singapore.

Cunncantikk Singapore falls under Master Stockist. Weeeeeeeeee. If any of you guys are interested in joining Cunncantikk Family, Please head to . We can work and grow together! Seriously, it's fun. We can make new friends/network and for starter, we can guide you on how to market ours or even your own product. Learning shouldn't stop no matter how experienced you are. Product knowledge is equally important especially if you choose to sell through Facebook live.

However, once you get the hang of it, selling is made easy and you will be on your way to make much be it side or main income.

We have shared the good news this week on our Facebook Page. Cunncantikk is now officially available in retail shop D'Aleaf in Junction 9, Yishun. Yehaaaaaaa! Stay tuned as we are looking forward to supply more retail shop covering other regions in Singapore.

I think this is enough for now. Thank you for reading my short write-up. More information and tips are coming very very soon. Have a great weekend ladies!

Cunncantikk Singapore

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