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For this first post, let me introduce who we are😉

Who are we?

Cunncantikk Singapore is a small company aiming to supply halal beauty cosmetic to our muslim consumer/user without the need to be misgiving. Our story began in Early 2020. Back then, we were looking for solution for our muslim hijabster to beautify within the law of Islam. Today we are privileged to be able to provide solution for a problem all these while bother us, NAIL POLISH.

What is Cunncantikk?

Cunncantikk was founded by Sha in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. An enterprise that managed to find solution for our youngsters, working adult or even housewives, to be able to apply nail polishes that are wudhu and praying friendly. To date, Cunncantikk Malaysia has sold more than 10000 sets of Breathable Halal Nail Polish and is growing stronger than ever.

Why are we doing this?

Apart from it being about business, our aim is to ensure our consumer/user can have a free of mind while beautifying themselves. Our product consist of 100% Halal ingredients. Conveniently to apply or remove makes our product the best for manicure/pedicure needs. In addition to this, our nail polishes are punched with high vitamin E, olive and castor oil. Trust me, it will protect and moisturise your nails like never before. Try it. That's it for our first post. Stay tuned for more from us because we are going to release few tips along the way. Have a great day! 😘

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